Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free Health Care???

Okay - I had one of those "Why did I even go to the Hospital?" moments. This has happened to me several times, I think I learned once and for all. If you are not broken up, in severe pain or bleeding profusely, dont go to the hospital...Instead go to Walgreens and find your own first aid...And then go to the internet and find your own treatments. I mean to make this story short and painless, I waited in the emergency room from 9pm to 2am for basically some iodine and a bandage. That's it!

The injury was actually on my daughter. She fell and was in pain. I didnt want to take her but I wasnt sure if there was anything broken. Anyway, after that drama was over. The funny part happened.

I noted early as I entered the Hospital gates that I had to retrieve a ticket upon entry. To me this meant that I was entering a paid parking lot. How strange for a hospital, I said to myself.
On my departure, I went to the gate and the lady said $3.00. I passed her my VISA, apparently I forgot to bring cash with me on my way to the Hospital, but I figure I am not going anywhere else so I should be okay. When the teller informs me in Spanish that the ATM machine is not working, I tell her I have no cash. So, what am I supposed to do now.

She said to me that I need to leave my ID and go to the nearest ATM machine and bring the cash back. At 2:30 in the morning, my sense of humor is usually pushed to the side. All my thoughts were on the fact that if one could come to the hospital to get medical care here in Puerto Rico and anywhere else in the US regardless of if they could pay or not, why in the world would they have a parking lot at the same hospital that requires people to pay...and pay in cash.

Sounds pretty darn crazy to me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Loving Puerto Rico

Its such a beautiful place! Puerto Rico. I wonder if folks here know what they have. I suspect they dont. I tend to see garbage thrown about. No recycling programs here. Who can we call to make that change. I saw a sign on the Beach (Playa Azul, Luquillo) yesterday, no bottles...But there were folks up and down the beach drinking heinekens. Who is to patrol these very simple rules? Who is brave enough to make a difference for the betterment of the society. Im thinking...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Puerto RIco and the Internet

So I guess I have to get used to finding things a different way here. I am used to letting my fingers do the walking...that is, I mean searching for things on the internet. But I realize that one of the reasons I can NEVER find anything is because 100% of everything is in Spanish. SO, it's not that Puerto Ricans are not savvy. It's because Im not Spanish...yet.

So, I have decided to start seaching with the Spanish/English dictionary next to me. Or I'll use to help me translate stuff Im looking for. This is a huge learning experience.


Monday, July 6, 2009

One restaurant review

This is a restaurant very near to us and I thought I post it because it is a shame if this is really true.

South Windsor, CT

1 star rating

Mix of american and PR food.

I did not eat at this restaurant, but at the place I am staying there were 2 menus from this place - One in English, one in Spanish. The English menu listed the same offerings, but at prices significantly higher!!!!

For example,
Rice with Chicken breast, tostones, and Avocado
$10.50 in Spanish menu
$18.00 in English menu

Or another:
Grilled pork loin with Tamarind glaze
$14.00 in Spanish menu
$22.00 in English menu

Are you kidding me??? Talk about discrimination, this is illegal!

This restaurant is trying to capture the visitors to the Rio Mar Wyndham, right down the road - evident by the signs posted everywhere on the drive on 968. I guess they figure if the Wyndham can gouge tourists, they should get into the game too.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Organic Farmer's Market

Today was the best day since we moved. We searched out the local Organic Farmer's Market in Hato Rey. When we got there it looked pretty sparse. Only a few vendors, maybe 6 or 7. We combed the entire plaza to see what everyone had. I couldnt find any greens, which I have noticed is my number one biggest pet peeve. I love greens and I can never get enough of them. I find lots of frozen spinach and fresh cabbage, but no collards, kale, mustard, spinach, chard, etc. So coming to the farmer's market was also a green's mission.

We must have arrived too late to get any greens. Someone said that one of the farmers did have them, but he was already sold out. Hey, if I caught them I would have bought out everything he had. Fortunately, one of the booths had collard plants....even better...and collard seeds!!! YAHOO! My husband and I got so excited! We bought collard plants, collard seeds, spinach plants, spinach seeds, and even an eggplant-plant! We are ready to create our amazing garden now. I am so excited.

We also met some very cool people who live in the Rio Grande area which is not too far from us. We are in Luquillo. That is very warming to my spirit, because I thought all the "earthy" people were in the Rincon area. Rincon was cool, really cool, but we preferred the east coast and its close proximity to San Juan (about a 20 - 40 min travel) depending on the traffic that day.

Life here is going to be fantastic!


Welcome to Eco Puerto RIco

Well, I decided to move here with my family. To get away from all the US stuff that I am tired of...the hustle and bustle, the pollution, the dirty cities, the highways....some of the people. Here we are now living in PR. Beautiful place...some of the same problems. Actually, some of them are worst. What can we do to make a difference here? Will local Puerto Rican appreciate some of the ideas we have about creating a better lifestyle? Or is that a bit snobbish to even think?

Puerto Rico has too many wonderful things about it for it not to be one of the most abundant places in the world. This blog starts my account into figuring out, exploring, accepting and hopefully changing this beautiful place into something more...

I hope you enjoy! Feedback everyone!